Manufacturing the future the next era of innovation and global growth.

LEDA EdTech foundation is a dynamic multi-cultural, and multi-disciplinary  non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. We strongly believe entrepreneurship is the engine that fuels innovation, employment generation and economic growth. In collaboration with a network of local and global strategic partners, we engage in scientific and technological strategic programs, and initiatives designed to fuel entrepreneurship, and innovation in our communities.

why manufacturing matters

Manufacturing is recognized as the engine of economic development, raising agrarian populations out of poverty and turning nations into players in the global economy.


Our strategic mission is to create a leadership culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our region.

Message from CEO

Scientific and technological innovation continues to play an essential role in catalyzing the creation of new industries, spawning job growth, and improving the quality of life in the United States and throughout the world. We believe innovation relies, in part, on individuals possessing the vision, knowledge, skills, creativity, and foresight to forge new paths. Louisiana Economic Development Association (Board) is pleased to present SparkLab Pro the most innovative workforce strategy for the fourth industrial revolution. Our long-term agenda will require us first to train and educate our workforce with the skills necessary to compete in a Global Economy.

We strongly believe our program “SparkLab Pro 496” will nurture talent and will develop the next wave of leaders and innovators. This will not only create jobs and value for society, but will also empower others to create a better future.

Rene Rosenthal

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