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Developing Next Generation Workforce Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity

Entrepreneurship is vital to job creation, innovation, and economic growth. Across time and continents, entrepreneurs have contributed enormously to society by creating new products, improving existing concepts, and exploring new markets. Entrepreneurial activity drives the competition, productivity, and investment that fuel economies.

SparkLab Pro 496 is a part of LEDA’s group Science & Technology div innovative strategy to bring together start-ups and “entrepreneurs” to work and speed up the process of their innovative ideas into valuable businesses models. Through its six month “acceleration program” for early stage projects.

LEDA’s group Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims “to foster innovation and the commercialization of new technologies, products, processes, and services with the goal of promoting productivity and economic growth in our region and the United States.

Our long-term agenda will require us first to train and educate our workforce with the skills necessary to compete in a Global Economy. It’s also imperative to place greater emphasis on areas such as: science and technology that will define the next generation workforce, and invest strategically in research and innovation necessary to create the jobs and industries of the future.

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