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The shift in economic power continues toward the East, and the impact on various domestic sectors is becoming more apparent and profound. The development of the next generation human capital is critical and must be among the most heavily invested sectors in our region. Our country’s economic growth will hinge on its ability to create new jobs through entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurship, in turn, will require entrepreneurs willing and capable to take the helm of venture creation. A well-trained aspiring workforce will be required as well. Effective initiatives in entrepreneurship training and education will be increasingly critical to expand the flow of potential leaders from our school systems with the passion and skill sets required for success. These individuals must not only create the inherently challenging entrepreneurial enterprises, but also guide them successfully.

Entrepreneurship and education are two such extraordinary opportunities that need to be leveraged and interconnected if we are to develop the human capital required for building the societies of the future . Our commitment to our members is to provide a effective communication channel connecting business and industry sectors, locally and globally. Our contribution to local communities is imperative.

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